1st July 2019

Dress Code - polite reminder

Dress code

Deeside always promote a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, but members will be aware, and have been reminded on numerous occasions, that we do have a dress code.

Specifically referring to footwear:

  • Golf shoes are not to be worn in the clubhouse
  • Adult members are not permitted to wear training shoes in the clubhouse
  • It is totally inappropriate for any member to enter the lounge or trophy room without any shoes at all

It is the responsibility of every member to be aware of and comply with our standards; equally, any member should feel empowered to challenge anybody who they feel is not complying with our dress code; and be treated with respect in doing so.

Our dress code typifies one aspect of the standards we expect of members at Deeside Golf Club. Respect for our courses, our fellow members and the rules and etiquette of golf generally, on and off the course, also plays a role in being a member of our great Club.

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