Greenkeepers Blog


I would like to welcome you all to the Deeside greenkeepers blog. With everything that has happened over the last few weeks we thought that it would be good to set up a blog to help give you all an insight to what we have to deal with and how we are getting on. I hope you enjoy our posts.

If you'd like to view a video or browse our gallery of images of the damage caused by hurricane Frank, please visit this page.

  • New shrub bed at 4th tees.

    New shrub bed at 4th tees.

    1. We are currently building a new bed at the 4th tees. This area was quite badly damaged in last years floods and was on our plans to improve going forwards. I hope you all like it and it will be a big improvement when the season starts.

  • Bunkers

    First bunker full of sand. We have now filled a couple of bunkers around the 18th green with sand.

  • Scarifying fairways

    We are currently scarifying the fairways and semi rough to try and remove as much of the slit as possible.

  • 15th green surround.

    The 15th green surround is now turfed. Hopefully with good weather it won't be long before your back playing on it.

  • Work to the 1st and 18th.

    1. Work is well under way on the 1st and 18th. They are repairing the green surround and re draining the area.

  • Hollow coring fairways

    We have started hollow coring the fairways on both golf courses. We are planning to do the whole site. We are following behind scarifying to help remove more silt and pick up the cores.

  • Clearing is on going.

    Due to the milder conditions over the last few weeks we have been able to continue to scrape the silt into piles ready for collection. We have been making great progress with this especially on the bottom section of the golf course which has been worst affected . During this time we have a few mornings that have given us a hard frost, we have made the most of this and used this for hauling these piles away. As you can see from the photo the number of piles on the 13th have reduced. We still have along way to go though.

  • Piles of soil are increasing.

    Piles of soil are increasing.

    We are currently making good progress with piling the silt up. We are currently using 4 digger to scrape as much material as possible off the grass and putting it into piles for collection. Some area where we have been able to get tractors we have started to collect it. We must have moved somewhere in the region of 300 tons already and it doesn't feel like we have made a dent in it though. So of the new pictures taken by Iain's drone show the extent of the work we have to do. Once again a big thanks to the members that are getting stuck in and helping and to everyone else for their patience.

  • The Clean up continues.

    The Clean up continues.

    We are making progress on the clean up of both golf courses despite the weather. We ave had great help from yourselves which we greatly appreciate. Due to a period when the ground was frozen we were able to collect some of the material that had been piled up, but now that it has thawed again we are struggling with machinery on the golf courses. The benefit to the thaw is that we can continue to scrap more soil into piles for collection at a later date. We have displayed a map in the clubhouse with information on which areas have been affected by the floods and the progress of the clean up, please if you get a chance take a look.

  • The cleanup begins

    The cleanup begins

    The clean up begins with us clearing the greens. We have so far cleared the 1st, 16th and the 9th on the Blairs course.